About Us


After years of collaborating on various jobs as independent freelancers, we decided to make a go of it together and form one nice big flock.*

*We weren’t sure what the collective term for a group of media and post-production orientated freelancers was so we put it to a vote – we missed out on being a herd by two votes.

Who we are


All of our team are industry professionals, bringing years of experience gained all over the world to each and every project that we put together. We have web designers, graphic designers, camera operators, editors, photographers, producers and directors – each one talented and passionate about what they do and what they can do for you.

How it works


We love meeting new people and we want to hear about your passions and ideas – so we’ll never charge you for consulting. Whatever you have in mind, however large or small, tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll sit you down with a team suited to your needs. We’ll walk through your project with you from start to finish, making sure that every aspect is covered, offering advice and coffee as needed. We then go away and draft up our notes and designs into something legible and pretty and send them along to you with an idea of price and timescale – if you’re still interested (and we’re pretty sure you will be) then we’ll work with you to iron out the details and create something wonderful together.

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We have email and phones, an office with desks, chairs and a door (we’re especially excited about the door).

We’re here to make it happen for you – Having a busy day? Let us know & we’ll come to you!

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