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Communication is everything. It dictates how you are seen and who gets to see you and in today’s instant digital market, the way you represent yourself can quickly attract new customers or send them packing for good – without them ever realising how life-changing the services your company offers can be or how amazing your latest product is (an mp3 player in the shape of a shoe, complete with a hidden tin-opener? Genius!).

We think you’re awesome and we want everyone to know it, so let us help you identify your brand – your unique ‘thing’ that will instantly attract attention and tell everyone who you are and what you or your product can do for them, whether it’s an image or type-logo, a specific colour or style of writing or a combination of them all. We’ll help you find your identity, then develop your brand into a marketing strategy tailored to reach your target audience, using whatever combination of digital and print design works best for you, your goals and your budget.

Branding Design


Whether working with you to design a new branding identity or helping to develop an existing one further, we’ll get you out in front of your customers with an engaging, consistent theme across every platform you’re on.

Digital Design


Your website, your blog, your advertising banners or the fancy animating logo that appears at the start of your training videos that makes people go oooh – we want you to look and sound like you wherever you are. Because we like you.

Print Design


In today’s digital age, print is often overlooked when advertising or getting information out and yet we all have a drawer full of leaflets and menus, frame a poster we like and keep tickets and brochures as reminders. Design done well is when your message is conveyed and yet surpassed – and hangs in a retro looking frame in someones lounge.

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Already have a branding identity that you love? That’s great! We’d really like to see it – send us a link and tell us all about it and if there’s anything that we can do to help you spread your message of awesomeness, tell us that too.

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