Video & Audio


If a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine the conversation you can have with video. We’ll help get your message out on social media, on your company intranet, on the big, wide web or on TV, in whatever format suits your content, your goals and your budget. Our team have worked worldwide in broadcast and production roles, on projects ranging from TV ads and documentaries to animation and corporate videos and we’ll utilise every ounce of finely honed skill to craft something beautiful for you.

Whether you have a project in mind already or simply a brief that needs to be met, we’re here to get you going – from the conception and planning stages, through production and graphics to the sound design and grading stages, we have you covered. Want to create an ad for your new product? Done. Want to film a training event or profile videos of your staff to liven up your company’s website? You’re in the right place. Want an animated infomercial for the web? Get in touch, we love those!

Video Production,
Effects & Grading


From web animations to TV productions to corporate videos, we’ll work with you from idea to distribution to make sure your big idea becomes the next big thing.

Audio Production
& Sound Design


We could use this bit to tell you how good we are at audio engineering and our voice-over services, radio commercials, etc. but instead we’d like to leave you with an adage: Sound design is like construction work – when it’s done well, you’re only vaguely aware of it but it makes you feel good. When it’s done badly however… wobbly house. True story.

& Development


Some occasions call for video, some for photography and some for a little of both. Got a big event coming up? Get in touch and together we’ll work out how best to capture the glamour and how best to use it afterwords.

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Are you the next George Lucas? Get in touch and we’ll help you launch your creative genius. Are you the current George Lucas? Get in touch and let us explain why Jar Jar Binks was such a bad idea… we made a list in case you called.

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